The following people, in one way or another, have contributed to my music making efforts.  They are all creative talents that deserve your support.  So do yourself a favor, if you are not already familiar with their stuff, click on the links below and buy their music.  You won’t regret it!

Paul Umbach
Paul has been my producer/engineer/mixer since 1997.  I would be lost without him. Beyond his technical expertise, Paul is also a phenomenal singer/songwriter/musician.  The man can do it all!  Check out his album “From The Sleeve” which contains a brilliant collection of songs.

Marc Clayton
If there were any justice in the world, Marc would be on the cover of Rolling Stone!  To me, he is a cross between John Lennon & Tom Petty.  Incapable of writing a bad song, Marc is a monster  talent.

Saul Zonana
Saul is a kindred spirit who has issued numerous albums in the power pop/rock genre.  His tunes are smart, funny and hooky, while his recordings have a depth and vibe that scream play me again and again and again.  I can’t stop listening to his latest release, ‘Fix The Broken’.

Gary Hood
Gary & I go way back to when we first jammed to ‘Cat Scratch Fever’ in my parent’s basement.  It was meant to be that we would reconnect and record Gary’s debut EP in my basement.  Gary brought the Americana Roots vibe while I supplied the Pop sheen.  

Rich Pagano
Rich’s drumming style suits my tunes perfectly.  His playing has a unique personality that I love, and he manages to coax fantastic drum tones from his kit.  Rich is also a first class singer/songwriter whose album is chock full of rock goodness.

John Conte
When John plays bass with Rich Pagano on drums, I doubt there is a better rhythm section on the planet.  John’s has a knack for always playing the right thing.  The album he did with his brother Steve (The Contes/Bleed Together) is stellar.

Rob Arthur
Rob’s keyboard contributions gave “Moonlighting” a great lift.  On his solo album, Rob’s Soul Pop goes down smooth…like a much needed cocktail.